Saturday, October 23, 2004

The weblink grab-bag

Listening to the Beatles's White Album, disc 1.

Today's post is just going to consist of links to interesting sites I've come across lately in my web-browsing.

A factual site about the theremin ("instrument of preference for horror movie soundtrack composers") from the BBC and then the very weird Johnny Theremin story site.

A Tori Amos fansite.

A James Cabell bio and one of Cabell's short stories, Concerning Corinna.

An interview with the director slated to adapt Philip Pullman's incredible His Dark Materials series.

A site dedicated to the Gormenghast castle--though I mostly suggest it just for the photo of the veddy cool castle (the Bran Castle) popularly regarded as Dracula's castle.

An essay by Gene Wolfe on the Lord of the Rings. I especially loved the bits of poems related to LotR.

The very obscure definition of my favorite-word-of-the-minute, tulpa.

A funny revenge CD featuring tracks like Walking (High Heels), Practicing Scales (Violin), and Pigeons--and it comes with earplugs! I think I'm going to buy it for my brother and college so he can get back at his annoying roommate. So long he doesn't bring it back home with him on vacations...

A weird list of "misplaced names" and a Medieval Naming Guide--I want to give my kids names from the Old English Names section ("meet my son Alchfrid and my daughter Earcongotae...and my baby girl Sexburg").

Alright, that's all for today. Enjoy discovering the method to my madness.


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