Friday, October 29, 2004

The story behind the Traveling Wilburys, Gashlycrumb Tinies, Sam's "I believe" speech

Listening to the Velvet Underground's Stephanie Says. Great, great song. Doubleplusgood. Horrorshow. ("But she's not afraid to die, the people all call her Alaska; between worlds so the people ask her, 'cause it's all in her mind...")

Speaking of music, I think I mentioned a little while ago that I got a Traveling Wilburys CD after humming happily along to a few of their songs that I stumbled upon by mistake (I think I downloaded them off Limewire accidentally; sometimes, for no discernible reason, Limewire pops some completely unrelated songs into my downloading queue. Hm...). Right, so I popped the Wilburys into the CD player yesterday morning so I could listen to it as I drank my coffee and ate my toast and read the paper at six in the morning (argh!). As I was listening, I vaguely thought that a few of the songs sounded very nasal Dylan-y, and I curiously looked in the CD's liner notes to see who WAS in this band, anyway. Well, the liner notes just listed people like Lucky Wilbury and Otis Wilbury, so I went back to my coffee feeling slightly disgruntled--since seriously, those are NOT real names.

Then my dad came down and he said blithely, "Who're you listening to?"

"The Traveling Wilburys. Heard of them?" I asked.

"Of course!"--he said arrogantly--"that was kind of a superstar group."

"Huh?" I said oh-so-intelligently.

"It was formed by, oh...George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn, Roy Orbison."

I was speechless--which is rare for me. I couldn't believe I had gone so long without having heard of the TW, but at the same time I felt quite vindicated.

"I KNEW it sounded like Dylan!" I said happily. Then I finished my coffee.

So that, my friends, is the anecdote of the day. Now I'm listening to the weirdly addictive Velvet Underground song Temptation Inside Your Heart. I sense an obsession in the making...

Not too much else to mention today... I did wear my Edward Gorey shirt today in honor of Halloween, but I mostly got strange looks. I don't think gothic cartoons are a big trend at my school, oh well. (For the back story: being my thrifty self, I decided to make my own Gorey shirt instead of shelling over $20 for a men's large on eBay. So I printed out a picture of the Gashlycrumb Tinies onto iron-on paper and then ATTEMPTED to iron it onto a tank top. Unfortunately, I invariably fail at any such foray into crafts, and so of course I found that iron-ons do not take well to ribbed tank tops. So a fair amount of the ink came off, but the picture is at least discernible. On the bright side, it looks very ancient and creepy, like it might have been dug out from one of the Tinies' graves. Heh-heh.)

Oh, and lastly, I would like to give a shout-out to Sam's "I believe" speech in American Gods. Let me see if I can find the text online... Ah, here we go. Just scroll down to the big long paragraph. It's lovely--and did you guys catch the reference to Schrodinger's cat?


Anonymous drew said...

i fucking love edward gorey... and iron-on paper, and schrodinger's cat.

ESPECIALLY schrodinger's cat.

this post made my day, even though it was from... uh... awhile ago. haha.

12:28 PM  
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