Tuesday, October 12, 2004

School tidbits, my hero-journey book

Listening to the Velvet Underground's Sweet Jane and There She Goes Again (which reminds me a very little bit of Blood-on-the-Tracks-era Dylan).

Well, yesterday I finished up Beowulf and today I read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Le Morte D'Arthur is beckoning, argh. But at least I love that kind of chivalric medieval writing.

Mentioned the Matalin Carville speech to my history teacher today and she didn't know who I was talking about. This made me feel kind of awkward, but I also wondered if she ever reads the New York Times.

On the college front, I'm vaguely looking at Vassar, Pomona, and Grinnell--don't know if I mentioned those earlier. But everything's uncertain right now.

Beck's The Golden Age.

And I'm plugging away at my book, which is pretty short right now (17 pages on Word...but single-spaced at least). I hope I hope I hope it's good. It's essentially a hero-journey story about a brother and sister (of an indeterminate medieval LOTR-type timeframe) who go off to avenge their father and end up entangled with an enigmatic vagabond, a corrupt prince, a violent race of tree-goddesses, a good-at-heart traitor, and of course the requisite Dark Lord. It sounds so stereotypical, even to myself. But I'm doing my best to write what I would want to read, with lots of dialogue and references to old myths and legends. And I plan on also having a love story as part of the plot, which was really the only thing LOTR lacked. We'll see; I'll update you all on how the book's coming every once in a while. Since I'm sure you're all holding your breath in anticipation.


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