Sunday, October 17, 2004

Philip Pullman and my fanletter, PSAT's

Only a quick post today because it's Sunday night which of course means I'm scrambling to get all my homework done.

Alright, best news first: a while ago--probably at the very beginning of the summer--I was rereading Philip Pullman's excellent His Dark Materials series when, in a fit of Philip-Pullman-fever, I scrawled a long and gushy, here's-how-you-inspired-me letter to the man himself. Yes, you all know what's coming... But for an anticlimactic tidbit, a couple of weeks after I sent the letter I found my own letter back in the mail marked "Return to Sender"--I hadn't put on enough postage to get it to England, silly girl. So I over-postaged the same letter and popped it back in the mail. And here it comes...

On Saturday, loveliest of days, I found a very mysterious looking envelope in the mailbox. No return address. Foreign-looking stamps. Marked "Royal Mail" or something of the like. I thought I knew, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. Oh, who am I kidding--my hopes were UP. I ripped open the letter and LO AND BEHOLD, it was indeed a letter from Philip Pullman! It was typed (a drawback), but it was certainly not a form letter because he used my name and responded specifically to things I had said in my letter to him. I'm surprised he could even read my excited handwriting (a sort of half-cursive, half-rune scribble). And he signed it.

HE WROTE BACK! HE WROTE BACK! HE WROTE BACK! Philip Pullman read my letter and responded!!! I never write all caps sentence, and I almost never use exclamation points or--god forbid!--multiple exclamation points. But this event deserves all obnoxiousness of writing. Oh, and most exciting of all, he told me that I had a rare way with words and maybe I'd be in publication sometime soon. Isn't that lovely! Getting a compliment from a REAL WRITER, that's the best feeling.

I'm in such a euphoric mood that I can't bring myself to give the obligatory mocking of the PSAT's that I also took on Saturday. Let's just say they were shamefully easy. Lots of common sense type questions, does-the-subject-match-the-verb and all that. There were a few words I didn't know in the vocab section but I guessed using my Latin (finally it comes in handy!) and when I looked them up at home afterwards I found I had gotten three of the four right. The words were anachronism, laconic, obfuscate (did I spell that correctly?), and vitriolic.

Oh, this turned out longer than expected; back to work for me.


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