Friday, October 15, 2004

Musicplasma, Blake, Bookslut

Listening to the Jayhawks's Smile.

I recently found a really great online music site called Musicplasma. It uses the Amazon technology that tells you "people who liked this CD also liked..." and applies it to a graphic, interactive website. So if you search for the Flaming Lips, it shows you that you might also like Interpol (yep), Radiohead (the early stuff at least), the New Pornographers (hell yeah!), and Grandaddy (never heard of 'em). It was need to travel from one bubble to another and see how you slowly unraveled your whole CD collection, from the Thrills and Belle & Sebastian to the Who to Tori Amos.

I just bought a comfy cashmere sweater at a thrift shop for $25. I wish I were a goat just so I could wear cashmere all the time.

Also, today I finally gave my presentation on Blake in English class. I stumbled a bit when reciting the poem and I could hear my voice shaking because of good ole stage fright, but the rest of the presentation--the analysis, etc.--seemed to go fine. Except I forgot a pretty big theme because I was in such a hurry--but it was in my notes! Oh well, I'll probably get a mediocre grade but at least I learned a ton about Blake in the process. Cool, weird guy.

Lately I've also been reading book reviews on Bookslut. They accept review submissions from anyone (though of course they don't publish them all) and so I think I'm going to submit a few reviews and see if they're published. I'll certainly post a link when it happens.

That's it for today--it's Friday and I'm not spending it at the computer!


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