Monday, October 11, 2004

J.K. Rowling's easter eggs

Last night I offhandedly checked J.K. Rowling's site to see if she'd updated while I was away...and she had! There were a bunch of new posts in the FAQ section and some other easter eggs for fans to find. Now for those of you who are like me and do not enjoy spending hours trying to find obscure eggs but REALLY want to see random J.K. scribbles, I'll tell you how to get the extras. Below. So if you want to figure them out for yourself, STOP READING.

Okay: (1) There is a "Rubbish Bin" section you can access by clicking on the gum wrapper directly to the left of the coffee cup ("Extra Stuff"). When you run your cursor over the wrapper it'll glow blue and you can click on it. Then once you get to the rubbish bin just click on the crumpled up pieces of paper in the trashcan. (2) Also on the rubbish bin page you can click on the middle of the pen to the left of the trashcan; ink will spill out and make a diagram of stuff you have to find to get another egg. The required objects are sticks, blue rocks, and eggshells. The sticks are on the "Extra Stuff" page (coffee cup) peeking out from under a paper, sort of to the northeast of the goofy dog photo. The blue rocks are on the "Fan Sites" page (golden key); click on the empty medal-holder (top, in between trophies for Frank Longbottom and Tom Riddle) and pull it aside. Finally, the eggshells are on the "Rubbish Bin" page in the top right quadrant. Yikes, complicated stuff. (3) Also, there is a marble on the main page next to the pen jar and if you wait patiently until it glows blue and sparkles--and if you have LIGHTNING QUICK reflexes--you can click on it to get another egg.

I think that's it in terms of NEW easter eggs; there are also old ones galore. For details on old and new eggs, check out this HPANA discussion.

That's it for now; happy hunting. I, meanwhile, have to write an article on the school construction for the school newspaper. Eurgh--it's not like anyone's even going to read it in the first place.


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