Sunday, October 31, 2004

I Don't Like Mondays, NaNoWriMo upcoming, the Baroque Cycle

Listening to Tori Amos's I Don't Like Mondays (a Boomtown Rats cover). When I first read the title I thought, "Oh, I should add this song to B. and my getting-ready-for-school-in-the-morning CD (which has things like Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Who Loves the Sun? and Eight Days a Week and other such sillily related songs) because I don't like Mondays either." Then I listened to it and realized it was about a school shooting...whoops. So, yeah... Not going on the morning CD, I guess.

I'm excited and somewhat nervous about the kickoff of NaNoWriMo tomorrow. I hope my novel will be brilliant. Did you know Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road in three days in a drug-induced haze? That'll be me, except times 10 days and minus the drugs.

I really want to read Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle books, but since the last two non-school books I've read have been Strange & Norrell and American Gods--both tomes, but wonderful--I'm a little hesitant about biting into a trilogy of thousand-page books. Hm. I'll probably read Mieville's The Scar and Palahniuk's Diary before digging into the veddy intimidating Quicksilver and all the rest.

Listening to Weezer's Buddy Holly.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Annie said...

Love Tori Amos, especially for the I don't like Mondays song.Hope she will tour to Philadelphia in 2011.

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Abagail said...

I don't like Mondays is one of my favorite songs!Every Monday, when I get to the office I blast the speakers with this song!

3:50 AM  
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