Thursday, October 14, 2004

Byronic heroes, the early Beatles, Internet2

Lately I've been fascinated by the idea of the Byronic Hero. A BH essentially is a passionate, rebellious exile who ultimately brings about his own demise. Examples from literature include Frankenstein, Manfred, Milton's Satan (ironic, isn't it?), Heathcliff, etc. I've decided to Byronize one of the heroes in my book; his name is Aden and he was already a talented, exiled rebel--I'm just going to make him more flawed (right now he's like a god) and fatalistically passionate. Mm-hm.

I also want to read this book about the BH that recently came out; you can look at it here.

Listening to Dylan's If You See Her, Say Hello, by the way.

Speaking of music, I saw in the Times today that Capitol Records is FINALLY releasing the first four Beatles records on CD in America. Hip-hip-hurray! You can read the Times blurb here, but you have to scroll down a bit before you come to it.

Incidentally, anyone heard of Internet2? It's a couple IP generations ahead of the current internet, and it's mostly being used for universities and research centers. I know about it because my brother's college (U of Rochester) has access to Internet2... As far as I can discern, the most significant difference is that Internet 2 has much greater bandwidth than Internet1--as in, 100 times faster. Now whenever my brother wants to watch a movie, he just downloads or streams it in a couple minutes.

Internet2 is going to revolutionize the web. It's amazing to think that with all that the internet (or, as Bush might say, the INTERNETS) has done in the world, with all that it's changed already--all that is only scratching the surface of what it's capable of. The internet will make knowledge and education accessible all around the globe, it will unite cultures, it will share opinions and stories and thoughts and minds. And Internet2 is just the next inevitable step towards the future.

Now I'll say goodbye as I hum along with Dylan's Buckets of Rain.


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