Friday, September 24, 2004

Taming of the Shrew, extracurriculars, the Anne Rice scandal

Stayed home very sick from school today, and prospects are not brightening. I've mostly been sleeping, drinking tea, eating toast, and reading. Finished The Remains of the Day for English class and I now am going to tackle The Taming of the Shrew, which a few friends and I are adapting--read: cutting down so only the juicy parts remain--for our school play.

Speaking of extracurriculars, the other day was our school's annual activity fair, during which I signed up for more information on the Literary Magazine and expressed interest in a Film club. Now that I think back, I wish I'd signed up for the Astronomy club that has apparently just begun; but I don't think it should be to difficult to become part of it even without having signed up initially. And yesterday was the first meeting of the Spectrum, our school newspaper, which I've written for fairly regularly for the past couple years. I signed up for an article on the school construction (which will be challenging to make the least bit interesting, but I always like a challenge) and a humor piece involving snippets from our town's Police Log, which is basically where the police report on what calls they've received. The entries are generally quite dull or very hilarious; I'll post any funny ones as they come.

Well, sorry for that very long and dull update on the school front; if it's boring to me, it must be absolutely torturous for you. So on a quite different note, have you all heard about the Anne Rice scandal on Apparently her latest vampire book (Blood Canticle I think) has garnered scathing reviews from fans and critics alike. If you go the Amazon page, you can see what kinds of things people have been writing in. Anne Rice, it seems, has read these not-so-tactful Amazon reader reviews and she posted a long, angry, and somewhat maniacal response on Amazon, saying essentially that anyone who didn't like the book was just too stupid to understand it. Ach. You can check the review archives on Amazon if you want, but I think her tirade may have been removed to avoid further contraversy. Anyway, at the end of her rant she gave her home address and said that anyone unsatisfied with the book could send it to her for a full refund--which I thought was pretty bitter but also kind of decent in a twisted way. But I take that back now, because it turns out that people who actually sent the book back to her just got it returned with a RETURN TO SENDER stamp. Oh well.

I had one other topic I wanted to mention today, but now it's completely fled my mind. I have to go rest anyway; my head is pounding like a pile-driver.


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