Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sunday Papers, best-sellers, drop-out, the latest shipping from Netflix

I was delighted to wake up this morning and find the two blue plastic bags in my driveway that contain the tomes called the Sunday Times and the Sunday Globe. After working my way through the front page, the Arts (the movie I Heart Huckabees looks good, as does The Motorcycle Diaries) and Travel sections, I read the Times Book Review (glad to report that Strange & Norrell is #9 on the best-seller list. I can't wait till it replaces the abominable The Da Vinci Code. I admit that the art-history-buff inside me loved the idea of an artsy beach read, and when I was reading Da Vinci--yes, shamefully, I read it--I was utterly engrossed and fought off my sister tooth and nail when she tried to snag it. But once I finished it I realized that it had left no impression on me whatsoever except a vague sense of having wasted a few hours of my day; I can't even remember the characters' names anymore.) But I digress...I also indulged in the cheeky Sunday Styles section before moving on to the Globe magazine, the Times magazine, and the Times special magazine (Men's Fashions of the Times). Of course the supplementary magazines for the times are entirely vehicles for advertising; it was actually 52 pages of solid ads before I even reached the table of contents.

About three hours later I finished sipping the dregs of my coffee and had lunch before settling in to complete about a week's worth of homework that had snowballed up on me (oh alright--I'm a procrastinator). And here I am now, not studying for my Trig test tomorrow but rather blogging. Hm.

I have decided that it would be a good idea to drop out of high school, get my GED, and travel with my family to exotic places around the world. Considering the current real estate bubble, I think our house would get quite a lot if we sold it, plus I would get a much fuller and more meaningful education by experiencing different cultures than I ever could in a classroom. These will be my arguments when I present my plan at the dinner table tonight. My dad I'm sure will like the idea very much, as will my sister, but I'm afraid that my mom might be rather afraid of such a big change. On the other hand, the idea of going somewhere WARM instead of holing up in frosty New England this winter might appeal to her a great deal.

Incidentally, I've also been seeing many reviews for new TV shows this fall, and I'm trying to decide what I will commit to. The problem is, of course, that once I watch a few consecutive episodes of a show I become rather attached to the characters and the story and must watch it through the rest of the season. So...I used to like Alias, but last season was just awful; I suppose I'll give it another chance, but I might not watch the whole season. Gilmore Girls is the only WB-teen-drama show I watch, but it also has become fairly bad. Friends is over, and Joey looks unbelievably dumb. Seinfeld, of course, is an old favorite, but I've seen most of the episodes through re-runs by now. And so the outlook seems grim; maybe I'll just stick to movies.

Speaking of which, Netflix just sent me Ran, Being There, and Gattaca. We shall see.


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