Sunday, September 26, 2004

Poli-bloggers, type abbreviations, Steve Jobs, magazines, outer space

Just read an article in the New York Times Magazine about political bloggers. Ha, I'm so ahead of the curve. I have to admit, though, I've not really browsed any poli-blogs at all--I fear they'll mostly be vehement rants on why THIS candidate is surely the best, without any perspective and with a huge bias. That's was I'd expect, I guess, because why would you start a blog unless you could vent your unadulterated, uncensored, absolutely biased feelings about topics that are important to you. I suppose that should have been a question mark at the end of that sentence, but it didn't seem right; I hate it when I start a sentence like a question and end it like a statement--I never know what punctuation to use. Ach, I'm such a grammar-geek.

I seriously am. For instance, I hate it in emails and notes and instant messaging when people use abbreviations like ppl (people), btw (by the way), c u l8r (see you later), ttfn (ta-ta for now), etc. etc. Maybe ttfn is over now, I don't know; I don't really keep up with the trends in dumb abbreviations. But they annoy me just because if these people knew how to touch-type they would find it takes the EXACT same amount of time to write a real word. And why do people use lower-case i's (as in "i'm going to that party. i hope it's fun) and not capitalize at the beginnings of sentences? It really bugs me, for no good reason.

Although there is one case when it seems alright for people to use silly abbreviations, that being in text-messaging when you have to pay for each letter (I think. Have to admit I've never text-messaged anything, so there). But oh well. I wish people still wrote letters and used the post office for something other than Pottery Barn catalogs and bills. But o, ppl r really lazy these days bc they say they have so much other STUFF to c and do. me 2. but i at least no how 2 type. a gr8 skill.

But back to blogs. The big ones mentioned were Instapundit, the Wonkette (who seemed like a gossipy ditz, but that's just me), the Daily Kos, etc. etc. Some get hundreds of thousands of hits a day! I wish my blog got more hits, but then maybe more people view it than I think, they just don't leave any COMMENTS. Grr. Oh well, spread the word if you like reading my blog; it would make me feel nice to get a few more comments. Not to BEG or anything, ha ha.

Incidentally, what is Steve Jobs up to? My hero, owner of Apple and Pixar (two of the coolest companies out there), has been a bit out of the limelight recently. I mean, I just got the latest issue of Wired and, based on a quick scan, I didn't see any mention of the guy. I'll elaborate on my obsession with the Jobster when I have more time, but speaking of Wired I have to say--I love that magazine. One of the few cool mass-market mags out there, like Nylon (a sort of hipsters style and pop culture magazine), Wallpaper*, and the late-great Nest. Actually, I must also abashedly admit that I like Vogue and Teen Vogue. Argh, Teen Vogue, I know what you're all thinking; what a loser, what a shallow teenager. But it's good! And it's little, about half the size of a normal magazine but the same thickness.

But yeah, Wired's great. And on a totally different topic, before I sign off, any news lately about the Mars probe or the Saturn Cassini probe? Haven't seen anything about it in the Science Times lately, and we don't get Science News anymore at our house since my brother went away to college (University of Rochester). I'll have to do a little research. And speaking of science, I also need to study for my science test tomorrow, so adios amigos.


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