Monday, September 27, 2004

Miscellany, ageist agent, the diety that is Neil

Oh, it's late, I'm tired, homework is calling. BUT I wanted to mention a few tidbits before I left--I will hopefully discourse upon them later in the week. Alright, here's the daily medley: punk rock, skiffle, Edward Gorey (did I mention him in my last post?), New York City, homeschooling, milk cravings, the Onion, the Spectrum, and Papermates (might've also mentioned this previously, but I think probably not).

I hate to go so swiftly but I must...oh, I should mention that my friend--the one who already wrote a book--was dropped by her agent when he found out she was only 16. (Being called an age-nt, he must be destined to be ageist. Ha ha.) I told her she should have lied on the contract; what were they going to do, sue her for WRITING A BOOK? And, obviously, she's a minor. But I mention this because I earlier said I was jealous of her stamina and relative success thusfar in the publishing process. And I have to say I do not feel any better at all now that this has happened; on the contrary, I feel like I possibly might have jinxed it in my bitterness. But I plan to encourage her daily and try to help her get a new agent, so there.

Oh, and the Neil report. Still hot. Still smart. Still hip. Still writing, still living in America but writing distinctly British, still plugging cool indie musicians, still recommending great old SF authors, still being my hero. And that's all, folks!


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