Sunday, September 26, 2004


This has got to be impossibly quick, but I'm thinking about starting a homeschooling-type thing with my sister and a few of my friends. We need about 6-10 kids, and then we'll all read the paper and read books and learn about INTERESTING things like philosophy and astronomy (we could actually do that at night!) and whatnot. We'd certainly learn more than at our high school, but without the massive classes (about 37 kids per class) and stressful tests.

My parents were pretty receptive to the idea, but the only problem is finding 6-10 kids who are smart but not college-obsessed (because none of them would EVER do homeschooling, period), who are interesting and nice, and also whose parents are willing to let them do something like this. But it would just be amazing; I'll keep you all posted regarding how things are coming along, but thusfar I'm aiming to have this start by midyears. Or possibly just BEFORE midyears, ha ha.


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Well done on a nice blog T.C.. I was searching for information on astronomy for kids and came across your post Homeschooling - not quite what I was looking for related to astronomy for kids but very interesting all the same!

Well, it's a new year - in fact it's almost the Chinese New Year. I'm still putting together astronomy lesson plans for the first and second semesters. This year the budget allows us to purchase a new telescope for the science group. That's great so we're still juggling the numbers how to get best bang for the buck! Not the 'big bang' you understand LOL. I'm coming down on the side of the Meade LX200GPS 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain. Let's wait and see.

If you do have a moment, please take a look at my new site on: Astronomy for Kids .

A happy new year to everyone!

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