Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Emerald City, MirrorMask from Gaiman and McKean

Only a quick post today, because I must rush off and study for my first history test of the year--industrialism, how gripping. But I came upon something of very high interest today while browing around the internet. Actually, multiple interesting sites that led from one to the next. I was looking at Strange Horizons (an online site that publishes SF stories, articles, art, and poetry) when I happened to notice a link to the Emerald City site, which won a recent Hugo award for best fansite or fanzine or whatnot. So as I was browsing around I saw mention to my top-guy, Neil Gaiman, and I realized that it had been TOO LONG since I'd visited his blog.

So off I went to Neil's site and a recent entry mentioned MirrorMask, something that I recall him referring to fairly frequently in the past, but which I (strangely) never looked into. Next, I googled MirrorMask and was brought quite quickly to the Sony site for the movie. I proceeded to also investigate the Jim Henson site (which is apparently producing the film).

From what I've learned THUS FAR, is that MirrorMask is a story about a girl, Helena, who is brought up in a circus-troupe. She has a sort of dream which involves dark and light and kings and queens and, I assume, a MirrorMask of some sort. You can follow the hotlinks for more details. But there's more: first of all, the two creative geniuses behind MM are Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean (he illustrated Coraline, among other Gaiman books and a wealth of other comic/fantasy related things). McKean is directing and Gaiman wrote the screenplay, both practically for nothing--BUT luckily with great artistic license, creative control, what-have-you.

And the visuals, from what I've seen (on the aforementioned sites and also in Neil's blog), are fantastic (in the fantasy sense of the word) and dreamy-nightmarish and really quite beautiful. So, now that you're all informed, I must go learn about Carnegie and Rockefeller and the Knights of Labor union.


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