Saturday, September 25, 2004

Dylan, Che Guevara, movies, angsty TV

Was listening to Dylan today as I was vacuuming and DAMN I love that guy. He was such a genius and he was just some KID from Missouri or Minnesota or something. And he revolutionized not only rock music and folk music but also the way people thought--the way people regarded the government and the sea change that was occurring during the '60's and '70's. Although I think in real life he was very grumpy and bitter... Incidentally, I don't know if I mentioned this earlier but I got to see Dylan LIVE in concert this summer in Cooperstown. It was unbelievable.

And speaking of revolutionaries, I really want to see that new movie about Che Guevara (the early years...dun dun dun) called The Motorcycle Diaries. It got really good reviews in the Times (A.O. Scott!) and the Wall Street Journal (Joe Morgenstern, what a babe. Actually I have no idea but I like all the movies he does and he WRITES like a babe. Also his name resembles that of Viggo Mortensen). So I'll probably see it soon--but who knows, because I said the same for Before Sunset and Garden State and Hero and I've yet to actually follow through. It's just that I'm cheap (ten bucks just to see a movie!) and somewhat lazy (because of all the driving involved to get from isolated suburbia into a town that has a movie theater). Ah well, I'll probably rent them. Not Netflix though, because while I love that company with a vengeance (meaning I'll wreak vengeance on any who insults it), I don't have too much time to watch movies now that school's started. At least not the way I used to during summer, O summer. Now I like to use my free time to read and SLEEP, god help me.

I have to go now. Memorizing and analyzing Blake's lovely poems "The Tyger" and "The Lamb" for English class. Just finished The Taming of the Shrew and liked it overall, but hated that submissive-Katharine-the-battered-wife part at the end. He TAMED her because he starved her until she'd do his will; sorry Willy, but that's a bit twisted. And by the way, I watched Gilmore Girls off my TiVo and it was AWFUL. Last season sort of went downhill and this one's starting in a valley. I don't even think I'm going to watch the next episode. It used to be intelligent and funny and now it's just angsty and soapy. Ach, enough already. I'm slowly but surely being weaned off TV and movies altogether. I guess I'll do well on my verbal SAT's, what with all the reading now. Ha ha, must run.


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